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“The Green Oval Hotel”. Coming to the Green Oval Hotel is a step into another dimension. This huge, 200-year-old half-timber house surrounds its guests with a warm aura. Newcomers are mesmerised by the atmosphere created by the unique wooden and sandstone design of the house, which makes them feel as if the time in this place has stopped. That is why some people call this hotel magical…

The hosts of the Green Oval Hotel are not only fascinated by this land. They are also travellers, fans of Land Rovers, African aura and traditional old Polish cuisine which definitely has an impact on the spirit of the house.

Antoni Jackiewicz, Płóczki Górne 102, tel.: (+48) 607 200 200 www.podzielonymjajem.pl

Chateau Kleppelsdorf in Wleń was a luxurious mansion of the Zedlitz family for many centuries. Today, the Palace is a place of relaxation and reflection – surrounded by a charming park in which old trees welcome guests tired of work. The place is a calming shelter from the uproar of the world.

Day by day the Palace is regaining its magnificence due to the unusual passion and commitment of the investors, artists and craftsmen. Therefore, Chateau Kleppelsdorf welcomes its guests with beautifully renovated chambers. As our guests have various characters, each room has been designed in a different style. Our guests have the fireplace hall and the newly renovated arbor at their disposal.

The Palace offers 11 chambers which can accommodate 40 people. Every chamber is equipped with antique furniture to which elegant decorations are matched. Paintings, sculptures and props remind of the development of the arts which had always been valued by the gentry. Ancestral armorials of former owners and historical albums available in the Palace help our guests to understand the intricacy of our rich history. The interiors prepared in such a way and the atmosphere in the Palace let our guests immerse themselves in the comfort of the past ages and to spend relaxing moments in a superior manner.

Chateau Kleppelsdorf is a perfect choice for vacation in Poland in an amazing palatial atmosphere.

Sławomir Osiecki, Wleń, ul. Winiogórska 11, tel.: (+48) 600 385 009 www.palacwlen.pl

“Polana Zdrój” agrotourism is an ecological farm located in an over 200-year-old renovated dwelling. There are four comfortable and climatic rooms, a living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with a dining room which serves homemade food. There are saunas, bonfires, grills, canoes, bikes and for the children- a mini playground.

Magda Trojanowska, Wleń, ul. Polna 5, tel.: (+48) 604 434 755 www.polnazdroj.com

Fly Fishing Centre “Tartak” is the place which was created from passion to fly fishing. The picturesque neighbourhood of the Centre with the river and a beautiful 100-year-old stone-dam will make you feel exceptional and let you forget about everyday life, while relaxing in a rural atmosphere with a fly-fishing rod in your hand.

Gosia i Igor Glinda, Pilchowice ~ poniżej zapory, tel.: (+48) 607 103 249 

Agro-tourism “Pod Szczęśliwą 13-ką. The house is located on the edge of the village, surrounded by the garden, just near the forest, which enables you to have a rest from the city rush. In front of the house you will find a place for your car, barbeque, campfire and a mini playground for children.

Joanna Pożoga, Pilchowice 13, tel.: (+48) 792 616 142,
(+48) 75 78 91 054 

Agro-tourism “Stare Siedlisko” (formerly Wünschendorfer-Hof). We offer vacations surrounded by meadows and forests. All year round, the unique design of the house and warm and homey climate will make you feel comfortable. Our guests can use the garden, terrace and the reception available 24 hours a day. There is also a playground for children. Our place is excellent if you are searching for different kinds of active relaxation including skiing, hiking and fishing.

Beata Pawłowska- Prokop, Radomice 36, tel.: (+48) 665 545 450 staresiedlisko.eu

Agro-tourism “Modrzewie 8”. The picturesque neighbourhood of the house will make you feel relaxed and comfortable all the time during the day and night. The sunsets here are as beautiful and unique as at the seaside. We offer our guests single and fully-equipped housing with garden, arbour, barbeque and our lovely horses.

Agnieszka Solecka, Modrzewie 8, tel.: (+48) 75 713 61 31 www.modrzewie8.agro.pl

Agro-tourism „Dolina Sów”. The hosts of “Dolina Sów” are doing their best to make their guests feel that the time spent in the Sudety Mountains is the time of full relaxation and pleasure. They offer superior rooms, delicious food and reasonable prices.

Iwona i Stanisław Kobiereccy, Modrzewie 1a, tel.: (+48) 693 650 609

“U Czarta”. Peace and quiet. Long walks through the forest. Cycle trips. Kayaking down the Bóbr river. Horse-riding. Trips with a jeep. Evening campfire. And for the night, a comfortable bed.

Cezary Miklas, Modrzewie 7, tel.: (+48) 603 604 646 www.strider.pl

Agro-tourism “Dom Nad Polami”. Big and spacious rooms supplied with vintage furniture and comfortable bathrooms will make you feel relaxed after a long day full of adventures. Outside the window you will find a garden and The Golden View – panorama of the Giant Mountains. This is the place where every day new adventures wait for you.

Magda i Paweł Nowiccy, Tarczyn 12, tel.: (+48) 516 433 512 domnadpolami.pl

Pension “Jaskółka”. Horse-riding, long walks around beautiful areas, rides in horse drawn coaches! Quads! Buggies! Kayaks! Face to face with alpacas! Playground for children… These are only a few of many attractions offered by the hosts. And after an active day you can stay in a pension with comfortable rooms or pick one of our wooden camping houses.

Roel den Burger, Marczów 56, tel.: (+48) 75 713 65 87 www.jask.com

Agro-tourism “Na Wzgórzu”. Here you can taste fresh eggs, milk, curd cheese and many other local products. The forest with its abundance of mushrooms and berries, Bóbr river with spectacularly huge fish and a great number of footpaths, bike lanes and studs, are a guarantee for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Grażyna Stęplewska, Marczów 25, tel.: (+48) 75 784 71 33

“Brzozowe Wzgórze” agrotourism. The proximity of forests, fields and meadows overpassed by several trails makes the opportunity to break off from everyday life. In the farm, there are two rooms and a fully-equipped summer flat, delicious homemade meals based on their own products. For the children, there is a mini playground. Pets welcome!

Ewa Garlinska, Strzyżowiec 45 tel.: (+48) 669 618 191


Holiday lodge. The house was built in 1808 in wattle and daub technique. Many modern facilities were incorporated into the building when it was meticulously renovated, but it hasn't lost its original elements. 

- Maybe you would like to spend your holidays in this original lodge, which offers much more opportunities and freedom than a traditional farm accommodation or holiday cottage.

Anna Staszewska, Bystrzyca 36, tel.: (+48) 600 439 478 www.zakwaterowaniewakacyjne.com

School Youth Hostel. Group and individual holiday camps, school trips, winter holidays, weekend visits, open air locations, various events. Reasonable prices. We will organise your leisure time.

Łupki 22, tel.: (+48) 75 713 64 25 www.schroniskolupki.republika.pl

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